Back into the Groove with Instrumental Music

Back into the Groove with Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music students are reviewing skills and techniques with their teachers.

Instrumental Music classes have started online for students who wish to take part in one-to-one lessons with their teachers. The response has been positive as students take part in saxophone, piano, drum, cello and guitar lessons, among many others. The full range of instruments normally taught through our Instrumental Music programme are offered through these one-on-one 30-minute lessons.

The Instrumental Music teachers are happy to be back with their students, initially brushing up on skills students may feel they are rusty on, reviewing their techniques before moving on to new pieces and skills. Teachers know the importance of getting them back into the music groove.

Students are enthusiastic about the lessons, with one Year 4 student saying, “The lesson was fun. It was interesting and it really made me want to practise. Now, I want to play piano with my mum every night!”

If you wish to register for instrumental music lessons, please contact

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