Patana Chamber Recital

Patana Chamber Recital

Bangkok Patana students gave a captivating performance during the chamber recital.

Bangkok Patana Secondary music students enthralled the audience yesterday with a harmonic music ensemble. Music ranging from Baroque, Classical to Romantic and 20th Century to mention a few filled the theatre. The students had the following reflection:

‘It was a challenging yet exciting experience to perform at the Chamber Recital. The recital gave me an opportunity to try new genres and pieces (classical duet) in front of a smaller group of audience. Through preparing for the recital, I learned not only new technical skills but also explored the nuances in my chosen repertoire. During the performance, I felt the camaraderie shown among the performers, creating a supportive environment, as well as the happy faces of the audience members as they celebrated the efforts of the performers.’

Pann, Year 11

Being able to perform at this year Patana Chamber Recital is a great exposure and stage practice for me. The stage setup was quite different than the usual stage that I have encountered before. The audience was seated on the stage so they were able to closely see how all the performers deliver their music. Without a doubt, it was a unique experience for me.
To me, a performance is not about perfection, it’s about expressing yourself and being able to connect with the audience.

Bayla, Year 8

Like any other form of performance, music requires a lot of practice. The Patana chamber recital served as an opportunity for me to further develop my skills as a performer and how to prove myself as a vital member in a chamber group. Months and days leading up to a performance are like a road trip towards a final destination. In my opinion, the best feeling in this entire journey is to finally be on stage and showcase all your hard work. The supportive applause, warm theatre atmosphere and people cheering you on are only a few things that make this opportunity utterly special. Although I have many areas of my performance to improve next time; I know the Patana Chamber recital is just one of those opportunities that stands as a reminder that “The journey is just as important as the destination”.

Nia, Year 8

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