Exploring Diversity through Food in Year 1

Exploring Diversity through Food in Year 1

Year 1 students learned how to make a tasty Kenyan dish called ‘Mandazis’.

At Bangkok Patana School, we are incredibly lucky to have a diverse student body, with 68 different nationalities represented and a multitude of languages spoken. We love finding opportunities to recognise and celebrate these different cultures.

Once students move into Year 3, they start learning a foreign language through their weekly lessons. In Key Stage 1, our aim is to begin this journey and act as a precursor to these foreign language lessons by introducing our students to other languages and cultures around the world. 

 In Year 1, some students have been learning about life in Kenya. So far, they have looked at the geography and climate of Kenya, learned a little Swahili (Jambo!) and last week, they learned how to make a tasty dish called ‘Mandazis’. Following a recipe, they worked collaboratively in small groups to create these sweet treats but made sure to make enough for all their classmates. They enjoyed coming together later in the day to share them. Yum yum!

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