Eco-brick Production for Year 2 Garden Project

Year 2 are making eco-bricks for use in their garden project.

Year 2 are passionate about our wonderful planet and have been looking for ways to protect the oceans from the vast amounts of plastic that are being dumped into them.  They looked for ways to reduce waste and reuse unrecyclable plastic.  They decided to make Eco-bricks and use them to build a roof top garden to grow their own plants. 

Enlisting the help of friends from across Primary and Secondary Schools, plans for the garden were drawn and the Eco-brick Garden Project began.  So far, Year 2 have made over 100 Eco-bricks, preventing kilos of unrecyclable plastic from entering the eco-system.  Well done Year 2!  They need 200 Eco-bricks to start building their first plant bed, they have already started on composting materials for the garden too. If you want to support them, or just learn more, come along to Year 2 and we will tell you all about it!