Exploring Year 10 Electives

Students in Year 10 expand their learning with unique elective offerings that provide an environment of exploration.

Students in Year 10 have many opportunities to expand their learning by participating in unique elective offerings. This term offered many interesting choices, including Living a Healthy Lifestyle, Musical Performance, Object-Oriented Programming, Page to Stage Drama, and Yoga. Electives are focused on various topics from learning support to wellness. Students appreciate being able to choose what interests them, or trying something completely new!

Elective courses provide students an environment of exploration. Not only do they learn about themselves, but also about the world around them. Year 10 can investigate future careers, broaden their perspectives and integrate some fun into their typical school days. The diversity of options ensures that Bangkok Patana students are well-rounded and ready to tackle new challenges. In becoming global citizens, Year 10 will grow to appreciate their varied skill sets and expanded knowledge.