Extra-Curricular Online Medallists

Regular and ongoing attendance offers ECA students medals and swag!

Students have enjoyed the live Extra-Curricular (ECA) online programme for the past three months but with the added incentive of earning virtual medals and House points (and some swag!) for regular ongoing attendance. Daily sessions after school give students the opportunity to stay active, see friends and connect with teachers and coaches. Each day there is at least one option each for Primary and Secondary students.

Congratulations to our 46 Gold medallists, 28 Silver medallists and 25 Bronze medallists in Primary. In Secondary there are 20 Gold medallists, 11 Silver medallists and 14 Bronze medallists. A special shout out to three students who have attended the most classes; in Primary: Dayeon (Emily) Uh – 25 classes, Benaisha Chhabra – 24 classes, Kui Ting (Caden) Kong – 24 classes. The top three in Secondary: Chaychan Baumann -27 classes, Aakarsh (Aaku) Balaji – 26 classes and Jinwoo Kim – 25 classes. Good luck to those working towards the Platinum! Offerings coming up in October include: Gymnastics, Tennis, Dance, Football, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Chess, Minecraft, Books and Cake, Singing, Healthy Cooking and Magic. Get active and join by clicking on the meeting in the ECA Team on Microsoft Teams, no need to sign up!