Human Migration in Year 6

Human Migration in Year 6

Year 6 students learn what life is like as a modern day migrant.

Year 6 students have been learning about human migration throughout history. They learned why some people choose to migrate and why others are forced. They had the chance to learn what life can be like for modern migrants.

In the morning, the students were presented with a blank passport and chose their country of origin and their wealth category. Each student created and developed their character profile, including a backstory as to where they’d come from and why. A variety of Drama activities made the students familiar with their character. Next, they were then introduced to the 8 fictitious countries surrounding them. Using the profiles, they then chose whether they wanted to recreate those countries through drawing or by creating 3D models using any materials they could find.

In Search of a Better Life

Finally, in the afternoon it was time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Using their new identities, the students travelled to these different countries in search of a better life, or in some cases, to help those less fortunate. However, as many people experience every day, the journey wasn’t so straightforward. The entry requirements were quite strict for some countries, and perhaps outright unfair for others. Many had to pass a medical or get a visa before entering a country and neither were guaranteed. For some, their only hope was the refugee camp, but once in there, it certainly wasn’t a place to relax. Instead, there were jobs to do like in a real refugee camp.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to explore inequality and injustice in a safe environment, and what a learning experience it was.

Year 6 students learned what life is like as a modern day migrant.
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