IB DT Trip to Village School

IB DT Projects have been delivered to the Village School!

The recent DT trip to the Village International School saw the concluding stage of the IB Design Technology Internal Assessment. With the projects long since finished and marks finalised, it only remained for the final, working prototypes to be delivered to the clients with whom the students had been working at the Village International School. In total, 12 products were given to the Village School to be used by their students during day-to-day activities. Products included toys to develop fine motor skills, vestibular balance, aides to writing and water play. The morning was spent observing the clients interacting with their new products and enjoying the activities.

The day provided a vital aspect of ‘closing the loop’ for our IB students. The chance to see the products they have designed being used and enjoyed by the clients is very fulfilling and rewarding. The ‘Social Responsibility’ IB DT project at Bangkok Patana has become very well-known – we hope similar projects can be initiated at various other schools in need!