Joyous Energy at Dance Fest 2022!

Two days of energy-filled movement and fun at Dance Fest 2022…

Dance Fest 2022 saw the Bangkok Patana Dance Academy hosting 110 dancers from international schools in Bangkok. The festivities began on Sunday, with a breakfast and welcome ceremony before dancers enthusiastically began their specialised lessons with seven guest instructors. Spending a full day of training with the Bangkok Patana Dance Academy exposed young dancers to newer, less explored dance styles, in addition to ones that they may already be familiar with. Some of the dance styles offered during this years’ Dance Fest included House, Vogue, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Contemporary, K Pop, Waacking and Breaking. Bringing together dancers from different schools also provides our young dancers with the opportunity to collaborate, learn and perform with their peers from various backgrounds.

On the second day of the Dance Fest, dancers started the morning with a Masterclass from world-renowned dancer and choreographer, Mark (Khun Pakorn Wanithanont). His class focused on advanced Hip Hop choreography, which the dancers thoroughly enjoyed making their own. Mark taught the class in a way that ensured dancers of all abilities were able to participate and have fun together. The Masterclass was then followed by performances by two professional dance crews, Urban Squad Official and 99 Flavas Crew. Their routines sparked so much joy and energy throughout the crowd of young dancers! The Dance Fest then concluded with a Showcase Performance by our Tiger Cats selective dance teams, as well as the choreographed routines that the dancer had learned on Sunday. The Dance Academy extends their appreciation and gratitude to the audience, parents, dancers, instructors, staff and all involved in making the Dance Fest 2022 a thrilling success!