Learn Through Play in Year 2

Our Shared Areas are full of imaginative opportunities for learning…

Year 2 children enjoy frequent sessions of ‘learn through play’ in their curriculum, as a vital ingredient in supporting their healthy intellectual, emotional and social development. According to research, effective child-led play captures many of the features that lead to deeper learning and provides an optimal environment to develop the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive and succeed, both in the classroom and beyond. Each week, the Year 2s spend quality time in one of the ‘Shared Areas’, which are carefully designed to ensure various options for play, supporting a range of cognitive and emotional areas of growth. Through quality interactions with their teachers and classmates, students gain the opportunity to make connections, and enhance their ‘learning to learn’ skills, including memory, organisation and flexible thinking.

Year 2 children thoroughly enjoy the wide range of play experiences that are available, such as designing delicious meals in the ‘bubble kitchen’, experimenting in the ‘jelly lab’, collaborating with friends to tackle challenging puzzles, bringing ideas to life through design, art and junk modelling, creating new and exciting worlds through role-play and exploring games, including Twister, Jenga and Headbanz. Learn through play in Year 2 is engaging, meaningful, interactive and a lot of fun!