Learning from Banksy

Year 6 students learnt a new style of art inspired by Banksy.

During the Residential weeks, the Year 6 students still in school took part in a graffiti art project. Using graffiti artist Banksy as inspiration, they created their own design based on one of the Bangkok Patana Values. After deciding on a message they wanted to portray, they created an image that would reflect their chosen value. Next, the students traced their images onto art paper and cut them out using craft knives. This created a stencil. Spraying over the stencil onto canvas was an exciting moment, as that was when the graffiti really came to life. Finally, Year 6 chose slogans to write on their canvases, using font styles also inspired by Banksy. The end result is a collection of powerful images, which will be displayed in the Year 6 building.