Magical Storytelling in Year 1

Year 1 learns about the magic of storytelling…

This term, Year 1 students have been learning about storytelling with Lego characters and popular fairy tales. In their Primary ICT lessons, they approached this topic by learning skills and techniques on iPads. Using the app, Puppet Pals, the children can create short films with narration and movement. They are also able to add in their own fairytale or Lego characters, either drawn or sourced from the web. This app is great fun because it allows them to experiment with using voices whilst also telling their own versions of known stories.

Another fantastic app for storytelling is Keynote. Keynote supports story development while the students learn to organise the events in the story on slides. On each slide, they can add and format simple objects to create their scenes. They then enhance the experience by adding animations and narration to tell their own simple fairy tale. During this process, students engage with a variety of new concepts. They can edit the shapes in the page (by cropping and using Instant Alpha), animate events by drawing simple paths and insert audio in the form of a story narration and sound effects. Try these great apps at home and see if you can tell a good story!