Meet the New Teacher – Damon Parker, Cross Campus Teacher Librarian

Meet the New Teacher – Damon Parker, Cross Campus Teacher Librarian

Introducing Damon Parker, our new Cross Campus Teacher Librarian.

Damon has been living in Bangkok since 2005 and earned his BSc in Librarianship while volunteering in a school and his PGCEi followed a few years later.

“’I’ve spent the last few years in a classroom, teaching Mathematics, TOK and coordinating the Extended Essay, so now I am excited about taking that experience back to a library setting and my passion for engaging children with books and stories.

Books and stories are for everybody. Even though many people would rather not read, if they engage in the right book, everybody can love reading. Kids face too many distractions and instant gratification but what they have to realise is that there is no film without a story and stories live in books.

I think it is important for a good librarian to be organised. I admit, I like order. Everything should have its place and be put there, a library is the ultimate organised environment.

A librarian has to be someone who is willing to spend the time on small details. Particularly in a school, you have to have a passion for sharing books and reading stories.

I would like to get the students more involved with their library; loving it and caring for it themselves. I know a few Years already act as apprentice librarians, but I would like to see everybody do it, they can learn to look after the library and be shown how, and to have systems in place.

My wife and I are here in Bangkok and both of our daughters are in the UK with our youngest beginning her studies at Winchester University. My wife and I both enjoy travelling together, and I particularly love going to concerts. We’ve seen Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Rod Stewart, all in Bangkok.

As a librarian it is hard to pick a favourite book; I enjoy so many genres, but the problem is I don’t re-read books as some do. I think I know that story and there are so many stories out there. I do love “What Do You Do with an Idea?” by Kobi Yamada, it’s a picture book that speaks on so many levels, it has such a fantastic theme that you should nurture ideas and it speaks to any audience.

I would like the parents to know that I am very friendly and more than happy to help people choose books, even parents, if they would like advice I am happy to share.”

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