Meet the New Teacher – Daniel Mitcheson – Secondary Geography Teacher, Year 12 Tutor

Meet the New Teacher – Daniel Mitcheson – Secondary Geography Teacher, Year 12 Tutor

Introducing our new Geography teacher, Dan Mitcheson

Dan earned his BA in Human Geography from Liverpool John Moores University and trained at Edge Hill University where he gained his PGCE after returning from living in China for five years. After completing his PGCE he worked in Worcester, UK teaching Geography in the sixth form.

“My wife was very excited to be moving to Bangkok with me from the UK. She is from Sichuan and she loves Thai food as it is spicy and has rice! When I moved to China I was traveling initially and started teaching English but found I loved it, so I went back to the UK and got all the relevant qualifications. I still love doing it and I think if you can find something you love doing then it’s a win – win.

To me, a teacher is supposed to be a person who students can learn from and who can expand the world around them. Students need to be confident that they can come to you and learn – that you love it and are passionate about the subject and that rubs off on them. If you can spark that same feeling in your students, then they will take some of that with them.

Bangkok Patana School definitely seems prepared ; they’ve given me a role that fills my skill set, they know what I will be doing and how it works for me and that’s been a very good fit.

The administration side really takes it beyond from being just a school to doing everything. Everything is inhouse and if you have a major problem you can just stroll across to the right building and get help.

In today’s world geography is becoming more and more important because we are all global citizens. It’s not just important to know about where you are from but about other people and the environment. Geography is a subject where we explore that and learn about it, it’s the world outside the window. If you can understand more about other places you can see it, it’s not just something in a classroom.

For me, I love geography and I want to make sure the students at Bangkok Patana love it too. It is a cool subject, and I want the students to be able to come to my lessons and get the enjoyment from the subject that I do. I hope my new students will share my passion for the subject.”

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