Meet the New Teacher – Helen Dunford – Primary Year 6 Teacher

Meet the New Teacher – Helen Dunford – Primary Year 6 Teacher

Introducing our new Year 6 teacher, Helen Dunford.

Helen has been a Primary School teacher for 30 years, and obtained her B.Ed from the University of Reading before entering the teaching profession. She spent her career in schools in the Home Counties as well as working for a British Forces school in Germany.

“I am from a small market town called Tring in Hertfordshire, I went to University in Reading and then straight into education. It’s been my life and joy and it still is today. I’ve been living to work; I love what I do very much. My husband Hugh is here with me, I have left behind our three grown up children, two of whom are entering University and our eldest has graduated.

I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where its warm because the British winters can be really harsh. Leaving the air-conditioned classroom and going out into that warm environment puts a smile on my face. We are learning to play Bridge, it’s quite challenging. We’ve always been a card loving family and we decided to learn about a year ago. We’ve already met some fellow Bridge players and we have some new Bridge buddies!

I really love teaching, I think because it’s such a varied role, you are working with children, their parents, your colleagues – you aren’t sitting at a desk all the time and you are watching the children grow and develop. It’s an interesting job because it’s about people and people fascinate me.

I think a good teacher is someone who knows every child is an individual, someone who is super organised and hard working. Passionate about their subject, really loves their job. If you are happy in the classroom teaching those children that is going to come across and they are going to enjoy what they are learning. And you need a sense of humour.

I am teaching in Year 6 and this is a crucial year because it is a year of great change – they are at the top of Primary School and that comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. You are leading them on that journey to Secondary School and further independence. Children by that age are starting to know what they are like as a person and you can help shape the direction that they go in.

Personal goals for me are to integrate technology into my teaching practice and for my students for them to be the best that they can be, to always try their hardest and have fun doing it, to have fun learning.

I am very big on community, I lived in Tring for 13 years and became really involved in the local heritage society and our local mediaeval church. I was the events manager, organising fund raisers; barn dances, and the annual family fun day and all families would come and get involved in fun events. I am a big believer in community and voluntary work and giving back to society. I’ve always been someone who volunteers. Having an ‘I can’ attitude to life is one of my philosophies in life. ‘I can give that a try’.”

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