Meet the New Teacher – Taher (Taz) Ebrahim – Secondary Business Studies and Economics Teacher, Year 11 Tutor

Meet the New Teacher – Taher (Taz) Ebrahim – Secondary Business Studies and Economics Teacher, Year 11 Tutor

Introducing our new Business Studies and Economics teacher, Taz Ebrahim.

Taz earned his BSc in Economics at Cardiff University and his PGCE in Economics and Business at the University of College London, Institute of Education. Before entering education he worked as an IT consultant.

“While I was in university I co-founded a gym, I was more into fitness. I turned one of our properties into a gym and then Cardiff University bought it. Following that I went into IT consultancy. I learned a lot and during that process I met one of my friends who saw me presenting a lot and she thought I would be really good as a teacher as so much of my presenting involved learning. I had actually wanted to be a PE teacher at a school but did my degree in Economics.

I realised quickly that wasn’t the path for me and embarked on my PGCE at UCL. I have enjoyed working in two comprehensive schools over five years; three of them as the Head of the Economics Department. I am here with my wife, she is also from the UK and, like me, has never lived overseas so we are very excited to begin our new lives at Bangkok Patana School. Most of my hobbies are based around sport, I like kayaking a lot and hope to do some water sports. I am a big Man U fan but also watch cricket and rugby.

I went into teaching because I wanted to be a teacher when I was at school. I was lucky enough to go to a grammar school that was really brilliant and had great teachers, I found my coaches really inspirational. In my IT job I really enjoyed heading meetings and making presentations – I was happy to be in front of a group of people, becoming a teacher felt like a natural transition.

I could tell that Bangkok Patana School had better organisation than other schools, the interview process was much more stringent, more directed questions. All my research showed that Bangkok Patana was everywhere, and everyone had something good to say. The induction process was great, you feel part of the family. This is the first time a headmaster has said ‘You are the best in the field that is why you are here.’ You feel like a part of the family.

I think a good teacher needs to be consistent, somebody whose subject knowledge is excellent and who is passionate about the subject and education. Someone who knows the line between being a friend and being a teacher, about the need to set boundaries.

Economics and business, enterprise skills, are at the forefront of everything. If you look at current affairs it has to do with economics and business, even the political ones are business based. It is such an important subject that everybody needs to read around the current affairs with some grounding in economics and business.

I was thinking to get involved in enterprise related ECAs also to find ways to increase the scope of business and economics in school, perhaps in the lower grades. I am looking at this for the long-term, I plan on being really established here and perhaps administration one day.”

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