Meet the New Teacher – Jon Yau – Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Meet the New Teacher – Jon Yau – Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Introducing Jon Yau, our new Secondary Mathematics Teacher and Year 7Y tutor.

Jon is from South London and obtained his Degree in Mathematics from Kingston University in South West London. He previously worked at a school in Surrey.

“I am interested in videography and photography; street photography and architecture. I like going to festivals too, I saw the Banksy Disneyland theme park. Photography, for me, is a really personal thing. I do have a website but it is mainly just for myself. I really like watching Premier League for darts, which is kind of an unusual hobby. My favourite movie is Space Jam. If I wasn’t a mathematics teacher, I would be an actuary or graphic designer. My favourite meal is a roast dinner!

After I did my training I found I really enjoyed mathematics, I like teaching Secondary students, you can see they have a good sense of maturity. I also like the younger kids because they are eager and you can really make a difference in their lives. I went to an old fashioned grammar school in London and teaching there was old fashioned.

Everyone is good at mathematics, everything in the world is maths. It is important to find something to make it relevant to the students, to see how it relates to their own lives.

It is important to be consistent, to be fair and to be funny. My goal is to just keep on doing what I am good at. I want my students to enjoy it. I know there can be a love/hate relationship with mathematics but if you can get them to enjoy it then you have them part way there to loving.”

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