Meet the New Teacher – Olivia Clutterbuck – Primary Year 5 Teacher

Meet the New Teacher – Olivia Clutterbuck – Primary Year 5 Teacher

Introducing our new Year 5 teacher, Olivia Clutterbuck

Olivia grew up in rural Norfolk before attending the University of Exeter in Cornwall where she studied English and History. She earned her PGCE from the Institute of Education, London.

“After I graduated, I volunteered in the Marshall Islands for ten months in my first classroom. It was great because of the limited resources really taught me to use my surroundings. I worked as a tutor and an amazing Year 2 teacher inspired me to actually study education and do teaching as a profession. I moved to Panama for two years in my first international placement and then I moved to Egypt for a year and now I am here!

I love just being on the beach and relaxing with a book. I spent most weekends exploring in Panama. This was more difficult in Egypt, but I had an amazing time visiting the historical sites there as well as the desert. I’m looking forward to returning to a tropical climate after a year of no rain! I am being a bit more active here and I am going to try some 5k and 10k runs around the country. I also like diving and visiting museums. I have a dog and hope to bring her here next year, she is a basset hound named Margo.

This campus is incredible, it’s so green, it is lovely to see the trees even with all the buildings. It is incredibly modern and the environment has been taken into consideration; like when it rains the walkways are covered. Everyone seems very welcoming and supportive; it seems like a very happy environment to be working in.

I think it is really important to build a really good classroom environment where the kids feel happy safe and secure, that they feel listened to and are respected but also able to debate in a positive way and appreciate that everyone is different.

I teach Year 5 and I think this year group is really important as it can be an awkward age because they aren’t quite the oldest yet but not young any more. I want to help them build a positive foundation for starting Secondary.

I think on a more social and personal level they feel they can come to school each day and be themselves and share their thoughts and opinions and work more closely but also have the confidence to work independently and overcome challenges. I want them to feel they can ask for help if they need it.”

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