Meet the New Teacher: Robb Falls

Meet the New Teacher: Robb Falls

Robb is excited to work with kids one on one.

Primary School Learning Support Year 6 Teacher

Robb hails from Bangor in Northern Ireland and loves to play rugby; he is looking forward to playing in the local team the Bangkok Bangers with Primary PE Leader of Learning Andrew Tatam.

“My degree is in Marketing in both Marketing and Psychology, but I realised I was more interested in the learning side of it – things to do with learning and development.”

“My focus changed dramatically when I started working with special needs children in summer camps during university. I really enjoyed working with the kids, I always enjoyed Psychology, but I didn’t know what to do with it. When I started working with kids who had behavioural challenges and learning difficulties it changed my direction entirely.”

“I think it is important to help kids with learning difficulties who have some concerns when they see their friends thinking differently than they do. Kids tend to think they should all think the same way but what they need to learn is that everyone looks at things and thinks about them in different ways.”

Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I first came to Bangkok Patana straight out of quarantine, I based my impressions all on videos and pictures, but they really don’t do it justice; it’s really quite mind-blowing. The scale of everything really hit me, it felt like walking into a holiday resort, I love the Sala. It gave me a good taste of what Thailand will be like. I haven’t actually seen much of it yet!”

“Now that I am here, I see the facilities and resources the school has and they really blow me away, it gives me another few levels of what I can use to teach. The outdoor spaces here are really great, I am looking forward to using them. Bangkok Patana is very friendly, all the people are quite interesting and outgoing. It is very easy to have conversations and the people here come from all over the world with great life stories.”

Looking Ahead to the Coming Year

“Getting to meet the kids has been great, I am looking forward to getting to know them better. They have some really interesting thoughts and ideas. I will be working with kids one on one; it will be interesting to see how different kids work and think compared to others.”

“I am looking forward to exploring Thailand, I’ve never been before. Once the borders open, I would love to see more of South East Asia. In addition to rugby I also really enjoy playing sport in general. The options here in school and after school are wide ranging and I am looking forward to that.”

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