Meet the Senior Delegate: Divyansh Jain

Meet the Senior Delegate: Divyansh Jain

Divyansh is one of our new Senior Delegates and is looking forward to being a good representative of the student voice.

Divyansh is another long-term member of the Bangkok Patana family – having joined in Year 3, he is now starting his 11th year at the school. He is active in the Patana community, involved in Varsity Basketball and also deejaying music at school events.

“I have good teamwork and organisational skills. I can help plan meetings and be a good representative of the student voice. I can be flexible and understand both students’ and teachers’ points of view to reach a conclusion where both parties are satisfied.”

“I think a good Senior Delegate is someone who is understanding and also a good role model in general. They should have the qualities that people look up to, that people aspire to be like. It is important to be kind and compassionate, especially to younger children who may not necessarily know what to do. A good Senior Delegate should be easy to talk to.”

“I want to help reduce the school’s carbon footprint especially with some automatic centres for lights. In larger areas like the Sports Hall the lights are left on. As Senior Delegates, all of us want to make this year as smooth as possible for the Senior students, especially in terms of COVID-19 in respect to our exams and what we can expect academically. I am looking to promote student well-being, especially uncertainty over university options, communicating with Careers and letting them know our concerns.”

“I have been in the Varsity Basketball team for two years and really enjoy the competitive element of the sport which allows me to train myself both mentally and physically. I really enjoy Math and D+T because I really like the logical element of both subjects along with the ability to apply the skills I learn in real life and everyday scenarios. It helps to better understand the functionality of larger businesses and technological development in the commercial world. I am applying for a Bachelors course in Architecture and I am hoping to continue this into my Masters and be an architect.”

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