Meet the New Teacher – Shane Owen – Secondary Physical Education Teacher

Meet the New Teacher – Shane Owen – Secondary Physical Education Teacher

Introducing our new Secondary PE Teacher Shane Owen.

Shane is from a medium sized town in Shrewsbury and earned his degree in Sport and Physical Education from the University of Wales and his PGCE in Secondary PE. He first worked in Wolverhampton before moving to Kuala Lumpur to work at a British school.

“I came with my partner who is from Malaysia and Belgium. She works here in Bangkok at another international school. As a sports educator naturally, I love all kinds of sports; football and golf are the main two. I like to go to the gym, to go hiking and look for wildlife and I love diving. I quite like reading but not fiction, non-fiction only for me! I also prefer documentaries. In Malaysia I ran a big sports programme and went around filming sports for Astro TV. That was a lot of fun.

I actually went into coaching because I broke two bones when I was doing my A level PE course, so I was assessed in Coaching instead of PE. My teacher suggested doing a training education course, so I pursued Sports Science and PE. I worked in Primary schools and really enjoyed it.

Physical Education is important because it allows people to succeed and fail and be forced to deal with it there and then. Coupled with that is the mental health benefits, particularly at the moment. When you exercise positive endorphins are released and that is what makes people happy. If I am feeling bad, I will go for a run, go for a swim and I think we can educate kids to do that as well.

I am a quiet coach; I think it is important to be approachable and calm.  A coach needs to know what he is talking about and be passionate and motivated. If you don’t want to be there the kids won’t want to be there either and they won’t get anything from you. On a professional level, I want to establish good relationships with the students, not just in classes but also in my Tutor Group (Year 7) and also enhance my content knowledge of a variety of sports such as gymnastics and softball.

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