Meet the Senior Delegate: Samantha Wallace

Meet the Senior Delegate: Samantha Wallace

Samantha Wallace is one of the new Senior Delegates

Samantha Wallace has been at Bangkok Patana for nearly four years, after living in Jakarta, she really enjoys the greenery at school

“I really value having well-being as the basis for developing a community, sometimes that can be forgotten or neglected. Keeping that balance and knowing what people and need is really important; representing everyone’s needs. I think it is really important for a Senior Delegate to understand other people and communicate with everyone on the same level. It is key to see things from other people’s perspectives when making a decision and making sure everyone has input.”

Goals as a Senior Delegate

“Considering, especially in terms of my year group, we have a lot of stress on us and are facing such an unexpected situation. I think we should try to make things easier on everyone and help them understand that things may not go the way they want to. In the entire school community, I want to make sure that everyone realises they have an opinion that is valid and that we will take their opinions into consideration.”

The Importance of Balance

“I’ve been playing football since Year 7 and I’ve continued it into this year. I think if you feel that sports gives you a sense of balance then you should keep it up. I know if I didn’t play sports then I would put too much pressure on myself and not give myself that time to not think about everything for an hour or two. I am Vice President of Operation Smile; I’ve been involved with them since I started school here. Additionally, I cofounded the organisation ‘Women of Ways’ that provides education and basic necessities to women in low income areas here in Thailand. When the pandemic hit we realised that it had a huge economic impact on these lower income communities that people may not have noticed.”

Maintaining a Global View

“My favourite subject is Geography – I have continued it from IGCSE through to IB. I like how it discusses contemporary issues and you can see what is happening and apply it to the world around you. I can always use my acquired knowledge on issues and concerns in other places.”

“I am applying to both the US and UK to study Politics and Sociology, I am really interested in what is going on around the world and how certain cultures might affect how political situations play out. I feel like I want to go into Human Rights law eventually to see if I can make a difference.”

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