Mr Mills Meets with Year 2 Eco-warriors

Year 2 created posters about climate change and shared them with Mr Mills.

Over the last few weeks, 2K have demonstrated that they are keen eco-warriors. After a lot of plastic was dumped on the habitats that they had created in their shared areas, they began to research the effects that pollution has on our planet. With strong feelings over the state of the climate crisis as well as a message from Greta Thunberg herself, they worked together to think of ideas of how they could spread the message that we are all responsible for the state of our planet. The children decided that they would like to make posters to be placed in the Bangkok Patana publications, but first they had to ask permission from Mr Mills.

After making an appointment the children completed their learning and then took a trip to the Thai Sala to share their findings and ask permission for their learning to be published. The students showed their posters to Mr Mills, spreading the message that we are all responsible for this Earth that we call home.