Our Female Leaders: Junpen Grivongvanitroong

Our Female Leaders: Junpen Grivongvanitroong

Khun Nok encourages young women to find their strengths which will allow them to gain the confidence to speak out.

Junpen Grivongvanitroong heads the IS/IT Department at Bangkok Patana. Khun Nok, as she is known, said that her leadership roles in IT have been shaped by her understanding that making yourself heard is not just the first step in challenging roles.

“I have found, in my years leading large IT departments, that there are several key factors as a successful leader. First, it is important to use strategic thinking; think big, start small, learn fast and adapt quickly. It is important to have integrity and consistency in leadership. I always speak out and give direction on what I want to do or what I believe. Doing this consistently ensures my team understands my thinking and how it falls in line with the organisation’s policies.”

“Confidence is important. I consider all angles when making a decision, but once I decide the right course of action, I direct the team to drive for that result. Sometimes I may make the wrong decision and if I do then I accept my mistakes and make improvements. I learned that it is important to observe closely the way people discuss things, I learned that I needed to listen more and observe how others communicate. This helped me to adapt my communication methods to ensure that I get the result I need when interacting with others.”

“I would encourage young women to speak up, find your strong point and use it in your community to gain trust in your abilities. You do not need to be good at everything, pick one or two things and do your best. This will help you gain confidence in yourself and your ability to speak out. Practice thinking systematically and logically to lead yourself to find the right solution when you are challenged by new opportunities or changes. Finally, do not limit yourself or define yourself as just a woman but as a human being. When you view yourself neutrally you will have the power to do so many things.” #ChoosetoChallenge #IWD2021 #InternationalWomensDay

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