Outstanding IGCSE Results!

Outstanding IGCSE Results!

Progress and performance in IGCSE

The IGCSE results are in!

Our Graduating Class of 2025 has successfully completed their recent (I)GCSE exams with an overall pass rate of 96%, and 66% of all results being A or A* (or 9-7). Big kudos to this cohort, whose results exceed any previous results before the pandemic and are similar to the teacher awarded grades from the COVID years. 

As they continue on their Patana Pathways, Grad ’25 is now starting Senior Studies and diving into the IB Diploma programme. With 45 students having received a grade of A* – A (9-7) across nine or more subject exams, we are confident that this cohort will bring their best in their new courses whilst exploring various interests and gearing up for university applications.

Bangkok Patana continues to value a high quality of learning and teaching. Our good results are also an outcome of the importance our teachers place on each student’s individual progress through the school.

Congratulations, Grad ’25 – we are so proud of you!

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