Patana Pathways – Emiri Miyake

Patana Pathways – Emiri Miyake

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

Exploring the relationship between Biology and Geography through her IB Extended Essay and discussing the unconventional similarities between Fine Arts and Biology in her university admissions essays, Emiri Miyake has found her fit with an offer to attend the University of Toronto, studying Life Sciences. Based on her interests in nutrition and immunology, Emiri plans to enroll in various biology and chemistry courses, whilst also supplementing her schedule with some art and photography – combining an interest in the visual with that of the “scientific processes that cannot be seen with the naked eye”.

Emiri said that community service and social activism are extremely important to her. She has been involved in projects such as Dragonfly 360’s #EducationIsMyVoice campaign and the World Food Project’s annual food drives. Her favourite memory of Bangkok Patana was made recently (though having been a student here for thirteen years!) at the PTG Fun Day event, where she volunteered to accompany children from the Mercy Centre as they enjoyed the games and activities. “My time with them was so much fun! Seeing everyone’s smiles and laughter was extremely fulfilling and heartwarming,” she said. Emiri’s proudest achievement was being involved in the 2022 BCCT International Women’s Day event, at which she participated in the panel discussion. “Although I usually shy away from public speaking, I took up this opportunity with some of my friends and it ended up being one of the most exciting events – it also helped me to step out of my comfort zone! It was such a pleasure meeting so many inspiring people and I learned so much about myself. I will definitely continue to be involved in causes that support women’s rights and female empowerment.”

At Bangkok Patana, Emiri credits her IB Biology course as having had the most influence on her decision to study Life Sciences. In this course, she conducted research on lichen abundance and distribution, which required her to collect field data from various parks in Bangkok. “I loved that this process was interdisciplinary, involving Biology, English, Maths and Art, and that it provided me with a unique opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge.” Emiri also enjoyed her (I)GCSE Fine Arts course as it “encouraged [her] to experiment with different types of media”, such as painting, drawing and sculpting. Her creativity shines through her passion for both Art and Science – after all, there is definitely “creativity involved in researching and experimenting in science!” Congratulations, Emiri!

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