Patana Pathways – Evelyn Schilling

Patana Pathways – Evelyn Schilling

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

Evelyn Schilling accepted an offer to attend UC San Diego to study General Biology. She explains that she decided upon this institution because of its “excellent reputation, facilities, location and, more importantly, research opportunities”. Research is particularly important for Evelyn, as she intends to focus her career on “contributing to science in a way that can genuinely benefit humankind”. At Bangkok Patana, her IB Higher Level Chemistry and Higher Level Biology courses had a direct influence on her passion, encouraging her to see how vibrant Science can be. She rose spectacularly to the challenge of these courses and expressed that “successfully pushing [her] limits spurred [her] on to keep going.” Evelyn also credits her Science teachers who helped her to realise her love for the subject, “They always supported me and helped me believe nothing was impossible.”

In her seven years at Bangkok Patana, Evelyn’s favourite memory was developing friendships with some younger students and offering to help them with school and other matters. She said this experience made her very happy to be able to use what she’s learned for the benefit of others. “I’ll miss having class discussions in small groups, especially in IB Higher Level English Literature, where I felt really engaged with the topic and had a voice that both my teachers and classmates were very respectful of.” Evelyn added that her proudest achievement is making it through “all the trials of high school having learned and grown significantly as a person”.

“I’m really proud that I managed to stay resilient and I never gave up on myself”, Evelyn reflects. As she nears the start of her Patana Pathway to UC San Diego, this is a graceful reminder to carry through the challenges to come. Congratulations, Evelyn!

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