Real Chemistry for Year 2 in Secondary Science

Real Chemistry for Year 2 in Secondary Science

Year 2 teamed up with Secondary students to learn more about chemical compositions.

Year 2 students visited the Science Centre where Secondary Science students explained to them about chemical compositions. The Year 2 students have been using their interest in chemical reactions to try out new scientific experiments they found on the internet.

Creating ‘Elephant Toothpaste’, however, needed the experts and luckily the Secondary Science Faculty and their students were able to help explain what was needed to balance the chemical equation.  After experimenting with the older students, Year 2 returned to their own classrooms to try balancing these equations for themselves using Sticky Atoms.

This type of collaborative work gives older students an opportunity to test and demonstrate their knowledge, while the younger students are excited to learn from their Secondary School counterparts.

Check out our video introducing Atomic Theory in the classroom here

Year 2 Visits Secondary science