Safari on Campus for Year 11s

Year 11s explored the school grounds as part of their Ecology lessons.

Year 11 students went on a mini-safari on campus for their ecology lessons. Ecology is the study of the interactions between living organisms and the environment. As an introductory lesson to this science, students were taken on an exploration of the school grounds. There, they tried to spot examples of different types of animals, plants and fungi. The focus is on observation skills, listening and watching for evidence of interactions and thinking about the kinds of interactions. This week students have observed variable squirrels giving warning calls, treeshrews, asian palm swifts feeding, open-billed storks, coppersmith barbets, earthworms, Scolopendra centipedes and bracket fungi. They considered all the species they observed, how they interacted and how they are different. Students learned how difficult it can be to know all the ecological interactions in an ecosystem.

Our green campus at Bangkok Patana is a thriving ecosystem, and we often see an incredible range of birds. We previously posted some of the birds captured by our school photographers, take a look!