Visiting Storyteller Brings Giggles All Around

Tales of monsters from Irish storyteller Niall de Búrca kept children enthralled.

The sound of giggles filled the Primary School as renowned Irish storyteller Niall de Búrca visited virtually. He regaled students with tales of awe and wonder, of myths and legends, with a myriad of stories from the mists of time. He explained how words have been used throughout history to help explain the world around us, to pass messages from one generation to another, to connect us. There were stories of adventure and excitement and of family. There were stories to make you laugh and stories to make you cry. His energetic style engaged and delighted the children as they took part in the storytelling. A teacher commented after his visit, “He has definitely been the most engaging visitor we have had and he really captivated the children and their imagination.”

Niall will be back at Bangkok Patana in November of 2023 for a two-week residency. From what we have seen this week, the children and students throughout the school will be in for a treat when they see him in person.