Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

Big Smiles across the campus on Smile Day =D

Smile Day occurs every year across the Primary and Secondary Schools. It is a special day, designed to raise money for Operation Smile and a timely reminder to our busy community that smiling, happiness and well-being is essential for our vibrant community to grow and learn. Term 2 is always a hectic time of the year, with timetables and calendars bursting at the seams with exciting and challenging opportunities. Smile Day is our chance to step back and appreciate the joy and the beauty that surrounds us and helps us to thrive.

On Thursday, students donned their brightest clothes and their biggest smiles for this special event.  In Secondary, the Smile Club held a bake sale to with all proceeds going towards life-transforming cleft-palate surgeries for underprivileged children. Meanwhile, in Primary, FS and KS1 launched the Smile Squad, an initiative from Year 3 designed to encourage students to use their smiles to show respect and thanks to people who help us in our community.

One of the highlights of Smile Day is the Smile Tile project, which expanded from Primary to Secondary this year. This art project serves as a visual testament to the myriad of things that bring joy to our students’ lives.  From rainbows in Foundation Stage to a new iPad in Year 13, our students have shown us that their worlds are filled with moments of joy and happiness. The newly established Community Space, where the snack bar used to be, will display our magnificent Smile Tile Art Project from now until the end of the year. Classes, families, and all members of our community are invited to visit the area and explore this vibrant display.

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