Our Teachers are Back in School!

Bangkok Patana Staff are ‘simply the best’!

The Arts Centre was busy this morning as our 300+ academic staff gathered back in school. Head of School Matt Mills welcomed the academic staff, inspiring them for the year ahead. Mr Mills encouraged Bangkok Patana teachers to lean into this year’s Key Whole School Objective of “making use of evidence-based strategies to unlock student potential”, a vital aspect of Learning. He also read aloud “Ish” by Peter H. Reynolds, a story that encourages us to transform our relationships with our creative spirit, and further, our outlook on life. Releasing the expectation of perfection can open up a world of innovation, flexibility, creativity and empathy. Surely a worthy takeaway as our teachers prepare for welcoming our students back to campus on Wednesday!

Cross Campus Assistant Principal, Continued Professional Learning (CPL), Cindy Adair, also celebrated the achievements of four of our teaching staff who have graduated with their Masters degrees this year and introduced the new ‘Patana Pod’. Cross Campus Assistant Principal, Curriculum Technology Integrator, Brian Taylor, presented one of his now-famous “Five-in-Five” technology presentations, briefly touching on five main technology priorities for this Academic Year, including communications and Thailand’s PDPA regulations. Finally, with his retirement nearing at the conclusion of this Academic Year, Mr Mills (with assistance from Tina Turner’s music video) enthusiastically assured Bangkok Patana Staff that they are ‘simply the best’. We look forward to an exciting Academic Year ahead!