University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Katie plans to attend the University of Bath to study International Management.

Katie Keith, University of Bath

Congratulations to Katie Keith on her offers from the University of Bath, Durham University, University of Warwick, Loughborough University and University of Exeter. She hopes to attend the University of Bath to study International Management.

“Next year, I hope to attend the University to Bath to study International Management as Bath is a very highly ranked institute for studying Business in the UK, which is why it was always my first choice. I believe studying at Bath will help me develop vital skills, knowledge and experience that will allow me to become a key component of a successful business in the future while also creating positive social change. In addition, Bath has one of the most established placement schemes of all UK universities. This gives me the opportunity to spend a year working in global organisations and/or study abroad, which I believe will be incredibly beneficial for my own personal growth as well as my understanding of cross-cultural management. Furthermore, I love the idea of studying in a campus in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK where I’ll be surrounded by Roman history and Georgian architecture, and although it will be extremely different from the buzzing city life of Bangkok, I am excited to experience a change of pace.”

“Growing up and being surrounded by successful business leaders, I have been inspired by how crises can be turned into opportunities and the importance of innovation in business. Additionally, I have also been surrounded by a multitude of cultures where I have seen how they intermix and can come together to create and innovate. However, I have also seen how cultures have caused conflicts due to a lack of understanding and empathy. Studying International Management allows me to encompass my interest in cross-cultural understanding with Business Management, and as a result, understand Business Management on a global scale. Furthermore, developing a global perspective on business has become increasingly important in recent years, thus I believe studying International Management as opposed to normal Business and Management will better equip me for my post graduate studies and future ahead.”

“Throughout my five years at Bangkok Patana, I have taken part in many extra-curricular activities, however, one that stands out amongst the rest was being a part of Habitat for Humanity where I was a board member. We went on a trip where we built a home from the ground up for a local woman, and this proved to be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience. Furthermore, I organised the Fighting Breast cancer project where we raised awareness of breast cancer and raised money for the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer. These stand out to me, as I was able to utilise and develop my leadership skills while also impacting the community in a positive way.”

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