University Offers: ‘Grad21

University Offers: ‘Grad21

Jeet plans to study Mechanical Engineering at University of Manchester.

Jeet Bhasin, University of Manchester

Congratulations to Jeet on his offers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol and University of Manchester. Jeet plans to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester.

“I am going to study at the University of Manchester because it is the most known out of the three for its Mechanical Engineering programme. It is in the city and quite prestigious so I felt drawn to it.”

“I am studying Mechanical Engineering because I am a very ‘physics-y’ person hence the STEM field. Also, I really like the idea of learning how I could potentially build and make whatever I want to (if it is physically possible). I am really interested in taking Mechanical Engineering because it offers the broadest field of study.”

“At school I have been very involved in music, I was part of the Big Band and got invited to join the Jazz Band.”

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