University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Prin plans to focus on Computer Science at Harvard University.

Fasai (Prin) Pulkes, Harvard University

Congratulations to Fasai (Prin) Pulkes on her offers from Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, Yale University, Brown University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California with an International Dean’s Scholarship, Tufts University, Boston University with a Presidential Scholarship, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara and University of California Davis. She plans to study Computer Science at Harvard University.

“I am planning to attend Harvard University because Harvard gives me the flexibility to explore a variety of interests and offers a liberal arts style education, which I value. Although I am planning on concentrating in Computer Science, I’d also like to explore and take classes in neuroscience, psychology, gender studies and literature. Moreover, I believe Harvard will challenge me both inside and outside the classroom and that I will grow as both a student and a person as a result. From Harvard’s truly diverse student body to its unrivalled alumni network and incredible professors, I am extremely thrilled to be able to attend Harvard and am genuinely grateful to everyone who has supported me.”

“My interest in computer science grew from my love of problem solving. I loved logic puzzles, sudokus and math riddles, and found the same type of challenge in coding. However, only after developing my app, Parkinson’s Pen Pal, have I begun to apprehend the true power of coding, helping me realise that coding and computer science are very powerful tools that can aid advancements in other fields or be applied to help solve a variety of issues.”

“Currently my proudest achievement to date, Parkinson’s Pen Pal is a rehabilitation app for patients with Parkinson’s Disease; it is based on research by Ramathibodi Hospital that found that repeated handwriting practice helped improve fine motor control in Parkinson’s Disease patients. Not only was I able to explore and combine my interests in computer science and neuroscience from developing this app, but I was also able to develop new skills in a variety of areas, including entrepreneurial and design skills from competing in the Conrad Challenge. I recruited and led a team of three to the semi-final round of the Conrad Challenge, which is an international entrepreneurship and innovation competition. For the competition, we had to learn how to write a business plan and produce and edit a video to pitch our product, Parkinson’s Pen Pal, and I developed a lot of new skills in the process.”

“I also participated in and led multiple extracurricular activities in school including the president of Amnesty Patana club, a member of the Patana robotics team and the co-leader of Patana Development Bank and organising the Techathon, a coding competition. I also founded a face shield donation project, first by creating a website to show students how to make face shields and then organising a system to donate the face shields. In all, the project donated around 1500 face shields to 26 different hospitals around Thailand. Additionally, I really love literature so was involved in CORE magazine where I was the co-Head editor and really enjoy music so played the viola in the Bangkok Patana Orchestra.”

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