Welcome Joshua Brown

Welcome Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown is the new Secondary Mathematics teacher at Bangkok Patana School.

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Joshua Brown is our new Secondary Mathematics teacher. He comes to us from Beijing, China but is originally from the UK. Before China he worked in Poole for five years.

“I was interested in working at Bangkok Patana because I had taught the IB Diploma at my last school and I liked that Patana had the (I)GCSE and IB model. Also, the fact that it is a not-for-profit school was very appealing as that means the school’s values are aligned with my own. I appreciate that decisions aren’t being made for profit.”

“One thing I have noticed is that everyone in school is very friendly. It’s a real community where people genuinely want to help. I am really enjoying that part of the school.”

“I worked in the UK as a teacher for six years, I was a Key Stage 3 Coordinator, Assistant Subject Leader of Maths and a visiting tutor where I was assessing trainee teachers. I then moved to China because I decided I wanted to do something different than the usual lifestyle in the UK, I wanted to see the world and teach. I had been to China before and I liked how different it was. I thought to myself, ‘if you want to experience something different then go somewhere really different’. “

“Of course it is important to build relationships and get to know your students but I want to help the older students to develop strategies and skills to take responsibility for their own learning in preparation for university. Previously, I would have a weekly meeting with each student to review their work and help them see which areas they needed to work on. By the end of the year, the students would come to the meeting already aware of the areas that needed developing and what they would do to develop them.”

“I like to play football and played on a team in Beijing. I am looking forward to playing here when it is possible. I enjoy playing chess, which is not surprising for a Maths teacher! I also enjoy trying new culinary dishes and am really looking forward to experiencing all the different cuisines here in Bangkok.”

“The most unusual thing about me, other than I am a Southampton FC fan, is that my second cousin, once removed, used to curate the Royal Art collection and is a knight!”

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