Welcome to Term 2 CSL

Welcome to Term 2 CSL

Teachers from across the school welcome you back!

Welcome to Term 2!

Primary School Principal Jason Cooper aptly echoed the sentiments many of us are having, in a letter to teachers: “Welcome to CSL 2.0! Even though were are not physically in school today, there is still a feeling of first day back excitement.”

Mr Cooper went on to talk a bit about the focus for the next few weeks… “We are passionate, resourceful and resilient. Certainly, a value that we will be living on a daily basis throughout CSL, and one that I see all of you demonstrate on a regular basis. Keep supporting each other and I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about the new skills, tools and resources that we will discover during this next round of online learning.”

From Primary to Secondary – teachers are welcoming students back to school. We even caught Coach Dan who popped by to check on the tennis courts! Welcome to Term 2 and let the learning continue!

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