Year 8 Spanish Students Play Snap and Bingo

Year 8 Spanish Students Play Snap and Bingo

Year 8 are using mouthing words to practice using the correct sounds.

Year 8 Spanish students are finding new and interesting ways to use their Spanish online with CSL. Using Flippity, a vocabulary learning app, they played Snap and Bingo with their teacher. It was really engaging and one of them found a spelling mistake their teacher had made! Teachers are using Conti style teaching, which we covered in Patana News and in the Term 1 Magazine.

Students do shadow reading; the teacher says the sentences out loud and they repeat them but with the microphone off. The teacher can see them mouthing the words, can check they are forming the sounds correctly the way she does and that they are engaged. Students usually do this in class, but they have to whisper (It’s called choral repetition). Whispering in class removes the fear of being judged by others when beginning new vocabulary. Here, with their mikes off, the students can shout if they want to and try to copy the sounds the teacher makes.

Aprender es divertido!

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