Year 1 Shares Identity Boxes

What items would you include in your Identity Box?

To begin their learning theme of “Who Am I?”,  Year 1 students designed and decorated Identity Boxes filled with sentimental items from home. This learning theme leads Year 1 students on a journey of discovery about themselves, their interests, families and relationships, as well as their role as a member of a wider community. Students brought their Identity Boxes to school to share with their peers, with each class then celebrating the students’ similarities, differences and uniqueness. The sentimental items students chose for their Identity Boxes included items related to their hobbies and interests, special toys, items from their home countries and items connected to their families. As Year 1 students learn more about one another, they discover that some of their peers may have similar interests and that they have more in common with one another than they may have realised! Students also utilise their communication and language skills to listen to one another and to take turns when sharing their Identity Boxes. This learning activity helps Year 1 students to begin to build deeper friendships and to feel proud of what makes them unique!