Year 9 Explores the Rainy Ecosystem

Rain doesn’t stop the intrepid Year 9 naturalist!

Year 9 Biology students ventured to the Outdoor Classroom to explore our campus’ very own urban ecosystem, measuring the abiotic and biotic components. Even rain doesn’t stop the intrepid naturalist! Muddy conditions are rather seen as an invitation to see different species than are normally seen in drier weather. Year 9 learners spent two days in the Outdoor Classroom, also practicing how to humanely capture and document the countless species in this unique ecosystem. Students were excited to see new things in the unexpected circumstances, which increased the sightings of small invertebrates. One of the more interesting discoveries was the fresh fruit pods of the Lead Tree (Leucaena leucocephala). The “Krateen” seeds, which come in a pod similar to other members of the pea family of trees, are, in fact, edible and students were given the opportunity to sample them. Year 9 spent their lesson learning about invasive species and about the Thai cultural uses of the “Krateen” fruit. While the Lead Tree is now common in Thailand, it was originally introduced from Mexico and Central America many years ago.