Year 11s Tackle IB Chemistry

Year 11s Tackle IB Chemistry

Year 11s are studying forumulae as part of the Pre-IB Programme.

Year 11s are studying Chemistry for their Pre-IB Programme (PIP) that runs throughout Term 3. They are studying empirical and molecular formulae. This can be fairly demanding as it requires high levels of abstract thought along with applications of quantitative and qualitative concepts. The students rose to the challenge and discovered some fundamental knowledge that any good chemist must possess!

Experiments must be conducted to find the Empirical Formula of different substances often via Gravimetric Analysis (analysis by measuring masses) Students were tasked with determining the formula of magnesium oxide using experimental data. With the magic of YouTube and a little teacher guidance, students were able to see this reaction take place. Then they analysed the reaction data and could successfully find the empirical formula.

  • Empirical Formula gives the smallest whole number ratio of atoms present in a compound.
  • Molecular Formula is a chemical formula that gives the actual number of atoms present in a compound.

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