Year 2 Learns How Our School Has Developed

Year 2 Learns How Our School Has Developed

Year 2 learns firsthand what it was like to be a student at Bangkok Patana School in the past…

Year 2 students have spent their Humanities lessons exploring how Bangkok Patana School has developed over the last 60 years. This is part of their learning on ‘Green Spaces’ throughout this term, focusing on how natural spaces are developed over time and how urban spaces can be redeveloped into more natural spaces.

Using primary sources, students examined what life was like as a student at Bangkok Patana decades ago. This examination has raised a lot of questions, such as:

What food did the canteen serve back then?

What was Sports Day like?

What lessons were taught?

What trips did students go on?

Why was the school uniform a different colour?

To help answer these questions, Mr O’Shea put together a panel of ex-students and long-serving teachers. The Year 2 students then spent a fascinating afternoon asking the panelists their questions. The panelists also brought keepsakes from their time at Bangkok Patana, including uniform shirts, yearbooks and school photos! While the panelists were able to answer most of the questions, the session actually generated even more questions from the students when they got back to class – looks like a second session may be in store!

Thank you to our panelists for sharing their stories:
Chree Platt, Sharan Hora, Lisa Cody-Sehmar, Ashmeet Kaur and Sukrita Makhni

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