Meet the New Teacher – Gemma Price – Foundation Stage Teacher PD Specialist

Meet the New Teacher – Gemma Price – Foundation Stage Teacher PD Specialist

Introducing our new Foundation Stage PE Specialist Gemma Price

Gemma is from Melbourne in Australia and obtained a Bachelor’s of Physical Education from Deakin University. She has taught in schools in Australia, England and Thailand as well as volunteered in local schools in India and Vietnam.

“I have been living in Bangkok for six years with my husband Kevin and our son Noah. We love it here; the weather, the food, the people. I really enjoy traveling and since I speak a little Bahasa Indonesia, we often travel to Indonesia for holidays. I play netball and enjoy spending time outdoors.

I was amazed when I first saw Bangkok Patana school, at how well-resourced it is, how everyone is really friendly; you feel welcome and included. The facilities here are amazing, being in Thailand you can compare it to other schools and can see it’s really a great school.

As a teacher I think a great teacher has to know their student and build positive relationships with the kids, the parents and the staff. It is important to be knowledgeable and know what the child really needs to learn but also make sure they are happy at school and in a safe, secure place.

It is so important for kids to have that physical development, to get out there and be active and do things that kids should be doing and not be cooped up inside. Physical development allows kids to be kids.

My goal is to help the children develop their best growth in fine motor skills and help them improve that over the year. I want the kids to be happy and enjoy learning and be a part of the learning.”

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